Top 8 exercises on the chair for weight loss

Exercises on the chair are great for people working in the office, as well as for the elderly, for people with joint problems and for people with disabilities.

Such training will be a good alternative to conventional charging, fat-burning exercises help to lose weight, knead muscles and joints well, energize and help stabilize the nervous system.


The exercises on the chair presented below are easy to learn and will suit even absolute beginners. You will train your whole body well without the risk of injury.


Put your legs on the vertical of the collarbones, bend your arms along the body. Squeeze your palms into fists and bring them to your chin. On exhalation, raise both hands up, but do not allow them to completely extend to avoid overstrain of the elbow joints. At the same time, raise the knee of the right leg. Bring it to the level of the lower part of the chest or to a comfortable height for you. At the peak point, pause for a second, then return to the starting position. For the next repetition, work with your left knee.

Exercise burns fat in the belt area, tightens the abs and hips. It also heals the shoulder joints, removes flabbiness in the armpit area, stimulates blood circulation to the brain.

How much to perform: 18-20 hand lifts in total.


Straighten your back and lower your shoulders. After that, bend your arms at the elbows and lift in front of you. For convenience, place one brush on top of another. Start on exhalation to rotate the torso to the right side. On inhalation, return to the starting position, and then make a similar turn to the left. Alternate sides throughout the approach.

Such an exercise on the chair increases the flexibility of the spinal column, strengthens the cortex, eliminates pain in the back and lower back. No less work oblique abdominal muscles, responsible for the formation of a slender relief waist.

How much to perform: 14-16 turns in total.


Stay sitting on a chair, stretch your arms out in front of you and connect your palms. On exhalation, begin to pull your elbows back behind your back, stretching the pectoral muscles and bringing the shoulder blades together. At the same time, make a swing with your right foot to a moderate height. Do not bend the knee completely. Return to the starting position and then do another repetition with the other leg.

Due to the work of the muscles of the upper and lower body, exercise raises the pulse well and burns calories. The chest, back and hips are strengthened, posture improves, slender arms and legs are formed, mobility of the joints of the shoulders and elbows develops.

How much to perform: 18-20 hand dilutions in total.


Bend your arms at the elbows and squeeze them to the sides of the torso. On exhalation, raise your left knee to the level of the abdomen and touch it with your right elbow. You will get a kind of twisting sitting. Next, on inhalation, return to the starting position. Do the next twist with the left elbow touching the right knee.

The presented exercise develops the oblique muscles of the abdomen, contributes to the formation of a narrow waist, the elimination of a flabby abdomen. It also improves blood flow to the digestive organs, strengthens the cortex, stimulates metabolism.

How much to perform: 18-20 knee touches total.


Straighten your back and bend a little in the lower back. Stretch your arms out in front of you, relax your shoulders. On exhalation, pull your palms to your chest. In the process of movement, pull the elbows back, and keep the forearms parallel to the floor. At the peak point of the exercise, squeeze your palms into fists and bring your shoulder blades down. Feel the tension in your back. On inhalation, return to the starting position.

A simple exercise on a chair develops the broadest muscle of the back, removes the folds on the back, tightens the area of the arms and chest. It also relieves slouching, strengthens the muscles that support the spine.

How much to perform: 18-20 hand pulls total.


Place your feet closer together and place your palms on top of your thighs. Maintain an even posture and do not raise your shoulders to your ears. On exhalation, straighten your right leg to a parallel position to the floor. Lower your leg and, by analogy, do the work with your left foot, then alternate sides for each new repetition. At the peak point of extension, leave a small bend in the knee joint so as not to overload it.

This exercise for beginners is used to prevent arthrosis of the knees. In addition, it removes the fat fold above the knees, eliminates flabbiness of the front and back surface of the thigh.

How much to perform: 14-16 leg extensions total.


Stay sitting on a chair, just stretch your arms forward in front of you and cross with each other. Now on exhalation, take your left leg to the side, and at the same time spread your hands wide apart, taking them a little behind your back. After a second pause, return to the starting position. Next, do another repetition with the separation of the hands, but with the right leg.

Exercise for beginners has an overall fat-burning effect. It is also used to prevent injuries of the femoral neck, increases the elasticity of the shoulder joints.

How much to perform: 18-20 hand dilutions in total.


Spread your hands around, then bend them at right angles. Turn your palms down and keep your hands parallel to the floor. On exhalation, raise your legs on your toes, and raise your hands so that the forearms are perpendicular to the floor. Stay in the position for a second and return to the starting position along the reverse amplitude of movement.

The exercise tightens the calf muscles, strengthens the muscles of the shoulders, and also increases the elasticity of the shoulder joints and ankle. Also, the movement perfectly develops coordination of movements, reduces the risk of accidental falls.

How much to perform: 18-20 hand turns in total.

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